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Excalibur Plus
As the digital video age continues to produce more advanced formats than ever, DVD and DSS, more video setups than ever will mandate using transmission formats which maintain these sources excellent picture quality. This has led to the widespread use of the superior S-Video connection within systems over older style Composite connections.


However, attempting to utilize S-Video throughout an entire system may present problems. While the system will operate very simply when the user selects exclusively S-Video sources through a Video Switcher, which in turn drives the system's monitor, a problem arises when the system also contains certain analog sources, such as a standard VCR or Cable Box. In this case, these sources inherently Composite signals must be separated into S-Video by a color separation device somewhere within the system. Now while the system's monitor will perform this process automatically on any composite signal input with its respective comb or notch filtering system, utilizing this option creates an inconvenient switching problem, as the user would have to mange two switching devices, one within the system and another within the monitor.


The EXCALIBUR PLUS Composite-to-S-Video Converter by Camelot Technology simply and transparently solves this problem by offering an affordable, high-performance way to convert any composite source to S-Video. This enables the user to convert all of the sytem's inherently Composite sources to S-Video before sending them to the S-Video switcher, which can then exclusively perform all of the system's video switching duties while keeping the monitor fixed on its S-Video input.

Product Features

  • Composite to S-Video adapter
MSRP: 39.00

Product Specifications

  • Input / Output Voltage Range: 0 - 3 Vp-p
  • Input / Output Impedance: 75 ohms
  • Frequency Response: DC - 5.5mHz

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