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Excalibur Powered S-Video Cable
Today, most home audio/video systems use “S-Video” (Y/C) signals to interconnect video components. The use of S-Video connections promotes higher quality video distribution by bypassing the color separation devices (commonly called “comb” or “notch” filters) built-in to most components. The S-Video signal is, however, more fragile than conventional “composite” video since the ratio of the Y (luminance, or black and white) and C (chrominance, or color) signals must be strictly maintained to ensure signal integrity. Conventional passive cables encounter many problems transmitting video frequencies, such as impedance matching and corresponding signal loss. The Excalibur Powered S-Video Cable addresses these issues and more.


The Excalibur Powered S-Video Cable features (1) S-Video input and provides (1) Composite Video output and (1) S-Video output. The incoming S-Video signal is carefully impedance matched and applied to the active circuitry, which provides independent channels for the Y and C inputs. Each channel incorporates a 6th-order low pass filter, a first order all-pass filter, a gain boost circuit, and a 75 ohm coaxial cable driver. The low pass filter includes phase-equalized “sin/x/x” frequency response correction to analyze and compensate for frequency response “droop” as a function of length, enabling pristine S-Video transmission up to 50 meters.

The Composite Video output includes buffering, filtering, and equalization, and is intended for use in applications where an S-Video input is not available.

The Excalibur Powered S-Video Cable utilizes surface-mount components in a circuit board layout optimized for video frequencies. A remote DC power supply eliminates degradation that could be caused by interaction with the AC mains.


The Excalibur Powered S-Video Cable will benefit any application that uses S-Video type signals. Even short signal lengths will benefit tremendously from the signal conditioning provided by this device. Over runs of greater than two meters, passive S-Video interconnects will degrade significantly in performance. In these instances, the Excalibur Powered S-Video Cable provides a startling improvement in video performance. No other device provides this kind of signal conditioning sophistication at such an affordable price point.

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Product Features

  • ALL POWERED S-Video cable system
  • S-Video and Composite Video outputs
  • Utilizes custom transmitter module for connection to any S-Video source
  • Transmitter module incorporates special “sin/x/x” Frequency Equalizer to analyze and compensate for frequency response “droop” as a function of length
  • Maintains state-of-the-art frequency response up to 150 foot lengths (conservatively)
MSRP: $249.00
Mounting Bar: $10.00

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