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Round Table
The Round Table DVD Player by Camelot Technology combines stunning levels of design, engineering, and manufacturing technologies to create an unprecedented level of performance in affordable DVD Players.

From its precise, revealing digital audio and video circuits to its massive, sophisticated power supply, The Round Table delivers beautiful, film-like images from DVD along with state-of-the-art audio reproduction from DVDs, CDs, and HDCD® discs.

After retrieving and decoding the MPEG-2 data from a DVD, The Round Table processes the video portion of the signal on a physically separate circuit board to minimize crosstalk and ensure maximum performance. Utilizing true 10-bit video devices, the video board of the Round Table provides an exceptionally smooth and detailed picture through its Composite and S-Video interlaced video outputs. In addition, the S-Video output features technology derived from our world-renowned Excalibur Powered S-Video Cable which preserves the unit's video quality over cable runs up to 150 feet.

Utilizing the breakthrough PureProgressive Digital Video Technology by Silicon Image, The Round Table's remarkable video stage also provides a true 480p Progressive Scan output to compatible televisions via VGA (RGB) and Component (Y-Pr-Pb) interfaces. The Progressive Scan module of The Round Table creates stunning, film-like images with virtually none of the motion artifacts commonly associated with affordable de-interlacing techniques.

Performing over 6 billion arithmetic operations per second, the Progressive Scan module utilizes the data from four video fields to detect both the presence and type of motion in any given image, and then automatically selects the best technique to generate a Progressive Scan of that image.

Further, it will also flawlessly distinguish film sources from computer graphics and video sources, and apply the proper algorithm to generate proper progressive images from that source. Many inferior de-interlacing devices will generate severe motion artifacts performing this task by incorrectly reassembling frames. This automatic, seamless detection of film, video, and graphics source masters for optimized self-adaptive processing creates a picture quality previously unseen in affordable de-interlacing devices.

To complement the magnificent video performance of The Round Table, Camelot Technology has developed a cutting-edge audio section with full 24-bit/96 kHz compatibility. Utilizing the new Burr Brown PCM 1732 24-bit DAC/HDCD® Digital Filter, The Round Table decodes normal CDs, HDCD® discs and 24-bit/96 kHz audio-only DVDs (DADs) with unprecedented accuracy. In addition, it incorporates special circuitry which automatically upsamples normal 16-bit/44 kHz CDs to 24-bit/96 kHz quality. This fantastic audio stage derives its analog outputs via a discrete I/V converter and post filter/buffer stage consisting of the finest analog components available in both sonic and technical performance. Further, the analog stage of The Round Table features seven independent local power supply stages.

One of the foundations of the superb performance of The Round Table, its marvelous power supply stage provides a total of fourteen separate power supplies driven by a massive, low-stray field transformer. Independent windings drive the display/user interface, transport mechanism, video signal processing, and audio processing stages, ensuring maximum performance from every key section of the unit.

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Product Features
Video Stage

  • Progressive Scan Output with 720x480 resolution, featuring PureProgressive Digital Video Technology by Silicon Image
  • Progressive Scan outputs available via VGA (RGB) or Component (Y-Pr-Pb) interfaces
  • Composite and S-Video interlaced video outputs
  • S-Video output driven by Excalibur Powered S-Video Technology for pristine clarity over cable runs up to 150 feet
  • Physically separate video daughter board
Audio Stage
  • Full 24-bit/96 kHz compatibility
  • Burr Brown PCM 1732 24-bit DAC/HDCD® Digital Filter
  • Automatic upsampling of normal 16-bit/44 kHz CDs to 24-bit/96 kHz quality
  • Discrete I/V Converter and post filter/buffer stage
  • Seven independent analog section local power supply stages
  • Massive, low-stray field power supply
  • Fourteen total separate power supplies
  • Independent power supply windings for display/user interface, transport mechanism, Video signal processing, and audio processing stages
  • Ultra low jitter Coaxial and IS digital outputs driven by Dragon Jitter Reduction Technology
The Round Table
MSRP: $3995.00
Mk.2 Upgrade - $995 + $25 Shipping and Handling (Factory-Direct) Read More.

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