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Dragon v2 Mk.3
Product FeaturesClick to view closeup of the Dragon Pro 2 Mk.3  
  • Precision Jitter Reduction Device
  • De-jitters any 32, 44, 48, and 96 kHz signal, including CD, 24/96 audio-only DVD, Dolby Digital® and DTS® materialAC-3/DTS/96kHz compatibility
  • Ultra-low jitter clock recovery system utilizing Dual PLLs with Crystal Semiconductor 8414 Input Receiver, 8404 Data Transmitter
  • Selectable 18 and 20-bit Resolution Enhancement for 16-bit/44 kHz CDs
  • 5 or 6-pin I˛S input and output
  • Compatible with any Dolby Digital® or DTS® Digital Surround Processor/Receiver
  • 5 digital inputs: Coaxial, TOSlink, I˛S (5- or 6-pin), AES/EBU, optional ST Glass
  • 3 digital outputs: Coaxial, I˛S (5- or 6-pin), AES/EBU
  • Onboard Power Supply with detachable A.C. Power Cord
MSRP: $1795.00

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