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Lancelot PRO Pure DC Phono Stage

"How much is it?"

That's usually the first comment we hear after demonstrating the amazing Lancelot PRO for an unsuspecting listener. It's that good. In fact, many people have whispered that, despite its affordable price, that the Lancelot PRO is the best phono stage ever...that's right, as in the history of the industry.

The word is out.

The battery-powered Lancelot PRO continues to amaze consumers all over the world with its scarily transparent, dead-quiet sound. Utilizing technology developed for Camelot's debut product, the Arthur v1.0 D/A Converter (the world's first battery-powered DAC...gee whiz, has it been ten years now?), the Lancelot PRO has raised the bar in phono preamplification.

A few words from J.V.D. in Belgium, one of our many oh-so-happy Lancelot owners:

"The Lancelot really is a great piece of engineering! Operating it, opening it and setting the gain is a treat and a tactile pleasure in all its simplicity. I'm really quite fond of it. Naturally this goes for its sound as well... Everything it does better, it does much better. And it is indeed dead quiet! I could use all kinds of "audiophile" terms to describe it but THE most important thing is the way it lets the music flow to me... The Lancelot has made my Revox TT and especially my beloved TD124II+Ortofon+SPU into real musicmaking machines!"

The experts agree...from Michael Fremer in his much-ballyhooed phono stage shootout in the October 2000 Stereophile:

"I've been exposed to some really superb-sounding but costly phono sections. I'm spoiled. I appreciated the other models in this survey for how much they could do for so little money, but the Lancelot Pro was the only one that I found myself really wanting to listen to. I could fully relax and sink into its sound - warm yet detailed, liquid, and so three-dimensional! Extended and dynamic on the bottom and sweet and airy on top, the Lancelot Pro costs $1000 but sounded like $2000. It was the biggest surprise of this survey and, by a wide margin, my favorite of the bunch."

Thanks, guys...we couldn't have said it better ourselves!