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With all of the recent hubbub about A.C. products, we wanted to remind audio, video and home theater consumers alike that, in addition to our world-class power cords, Camelot Technology has been producing a product for several years now that should fit right in with today's increasingly power-conscious consumer.

A best seller in Japan and the Far East, the Power Supply Tap 3 and Power Supply Tap 6 A.C. Outlet Extenders provide a very affordable way to expand your number of A.C. outlets without sacrificing quality.

Let's face it...most of the time, you just don't have enough outlets. The question is how do you get more without degrading your A.C. other words, how can you truly extend your wall outlets?

Well, aside from installing more outlets in your wall or floor, you either have to buy a power conditioner or an outlet strip. Some types of power conditioners, while being expensive, also may not improve your system's performance. And most typical outlet strips, as we all know, stick out like a sore thumb in a finely tuned, high-performance A/V system. The folks in Japan and the Far East know this all too well, so for our customers there we developed outlet strips using the same high-quality parts as our award-winning A.C Power Cords.

Utilizing premium quality Hubbell receptacles and custom internal wiring, the Power Supply Tap 3 and Tap 6 enable you to increase your outlet capacity both affordably and without degrading performance.

You can also upgrade your Power Supply Tap by connecting it to your wall outlet with one of our A.C. Power Cords, creating a supercharged A.C. outlet solution!