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The Round Table DVD Player

"We can't say enough good things about this player. It really does everything right."

"In video quality and de-interlacing, this player is absolutely the top of the heap. We're spoiled now: everything else feels like a compromise after experiencing this player."

With comments like that, we thought it would be impossible to equal the incredible stir created by The Round Table's now legendary performance in the DVD Benchmark - Progressive DVD Player Shootout in the December 2000 Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity (

But, to our delight, more enthusiastic reviews of this product continued to pour in. From Jerry Del Colliano in the October 2000 Audio Revolution (

"The Roundtable is a great DVD player for music enthusiasts. All of the audio mods and digital improvements make the Roundtable sound very clean and dynamic."

"The effect of the line doubling is stunning and can greatly improve a good video system."

"At $3,995, you can make an argument that the Roundtable is a viable audio product, even if you never pop a DVD into it."

"The Camelot Technologies Roundtable is a lot of technology in one component and the Roundtable completes each of its tasks to an exacting level of excellence."

From Martin DeWulf in Issue #135 of Bound for Sound:

"A major step has been taken in the playback of 16/44's the Camelot Round Table, PureProgressive, upsampling digital transport."

"...This digital transport is the first step to taking the sonics of your huge 16/44 collection up-to and beyond that obtained with standard non-tricked out DVD-A and SACD. Look at all those CDs in your collection. Isn't it worth getting everything possible out of them that you can?"

From Michael Fremer in the May 2001 "Stereophile Guide to Home Theater":

"Camelot produced the finest, most artifact-free DVD pictures I've seen at home...(it) "offers an incredible array of useful and, in some cases, crucial features, as well as superb audio and video performance."

"I was so impressed with the sound that I took the Round Table downstairs to my two-channel audio room and used it there when I wasn't watching movies."

"The Round Table is a DVD player designed for the very critical audio/videophile...You have to love a company that has the guts to build and market such a product. And if you get a chance to see the superb picture the Round Table produces, you'll love that too."

Well, we just couldn't leave well enough alone...

Introducing...The Round Table Mk.2 24-bit/192 kHz DVD Player


The Mk.2 upgrade for The Round Table DVD Player introduces revolutionary 24-bit/192 kHz technology to the U.S. Consumer Electronics market. This upgrade utilizes state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology developed by Anagram Technologies of Switzerland. This technology enables The Round Table Mk.2 to automatically upsample and decode the stereo digital audio track contained on virtually any CD, 24-bit/96 kHz DAD, or DVD-Video disc to 24-bit/192 kHz accuracy.


The upgrade features custom signal processing algorithms hosted on an Analog Devices SHARC ADSP21065L- DSP. The SHARC DSP drives high performance 24/192 D/A converters and a specially designed analog stage to deliver sonic and measured performance beyond reproach. This upgrade also incorporates groundbreaking techniques such as:

RE24 24-bit Resolution Enhancement

The RE24 process allows for 24-bit resolution from a 20-bit data channel, or 20-bit resolution from a 16-bit data channel. It accomplishes this by shifting the truncation noise out of the audible band. Unlike traditional noise-shaping techniques, RE24 does not shape the noise to the higher part of the spectrum, but rather adds an algorithmically generated noise to the top part of the spectrum. This generated pseudo-random number sequence satisfies a number of statistical properties paramount to audio quality. RE24 generates this noise without reference to the incoming signal, meaning it has no correlation with it, resulting in a signal free of Intermodulation Distortion (IMD), as opposed to traditional noise-shaping techniques.

ATF (Adaptative Time Filtering)

ATF performs totally asynchronous sampling rate conversion, through totally independent input and output clocks. So while the input and output clocks may inevitably vary, ATF automatically tracks the changes with minimal distortion. ATF incorporates:

VFT (Virtual Floating Time) Digital Signal Processing

VFT replaces the discrete “digital” time model with a continuous “analog” virtual time model. This overcomes the need for a very high speed oversampling time conversion system. It also enables a digital signal to overcome some of the restrictions of Nyquist rate sampling. This technology comprises the core of the Mk.2 circuit’s Adaptative Time Filtering (ATF) Upsampling method.

ITE (Integral Time Estimation)

ITE allows for the conversion between the discrete digital time model and the continuous analog virtual time model used in VFT. To accomplish this, ITE utilizes the new approach of adding one mathematical dimension to the signal space. ITE also acts as a state-of-the-art software-based jitter attenuator.

CTF (Continuous Time Filtering)

CTF performs filtering for the continuous time domain utilized in VFT. Traditional discrete time filters do not operate with enough precision to take advantage of the continuous time representation. CTF incorporates a new concept of filtering by mixing analog and digital domains.


The new Round Table Mk.2 now will upsample and decode the stereo digital audio track contained on virtually any CD, 24-bit/96 kHz DAD, or DVD-Video disc to 24-bit/192 kHz quality. Please note that The Round Table will not accept CD-Rs or CD-RWs.

The new circuit results in new standards for Upsampling/D/A Conversion both on the test bench and in the listening room. It improves upon the already world-class audio performance of The Round Table, delivering more extended highs, clearer midrange, and tighter, deeper bass.