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What's the problem?

Need to convert Composite Video to S-Video? So do a lot of other people. That's a problem Camelot Technology addressed quite effectively five years ago with the introduction of our groundbreaking Crystal Vision VPS-1 Adaptive Comb Filter.

Well, Camelot has now used its acclaimed video know-how to make a product that offers much of the VPS-1's performance in a much smaller, even more affordable package.

The Excalibur Plus Mk.2 Composite/S-Video Converter by Camelot Technology simply and transparently solves many systems' Composite-to-S-Video conversion dilemma. By offering an affordable, high-performance way for users to convert any of their system's Composite sources to S-Video, the Excalibur Plus can greatly simplify video switching in any type of system. And, unlike its many competitors that offer off-the-shelf, inferior design topologies, the $39.95 Excalibur Plus Mk.2 offers absolutely stunning picture quality, rivaling the comb filter performance contained in televisions costing thousands of dollars (yes, you read that right)! Now, practicality doesn't have to come with a trade-off!

The Excalibur Plus the Camelot tradition, a high-performance, affordable true SOLUTION.

The Excalibur Plus Mk.2 also works in reverse, converting S-Video to Composite Video, and is also available in a PAL-compatible version.